CGIC National CPD Webinar: The Urban Myths about Business Ethics

Ethics presents the foundation of effective corporate governance, but recent corporate scandals as well as the lowest public trust in recent years in all types of organizations, show that something is not working. We believe that the root cause lies in the confusion in the professional environment about what actually works and what are the “urban myths” of business ethics. Drawing upon the research from various fields (including neuroscience, philosophy, psychology) and professional experience the webinar tackles the following myths and as well gives the participants the tools to curb these risks.

DATE: March 2, 2021, 1:00pm ET

  • Myth #1: The code of conduct supports ethical behaviour
  • Myth #2: The compliance program helps the organization to become more ethical
  • Myth #3: Whistleblowing tools reduce the risks of unethical behaviour.
  • Myth #4: More training in ethics is better.
  • Myth #5: Individual “unethical” character can be curbed with the right internal organizational controls.
  • Myth #6: Goals related to ethics or compliance help organizations/individuals to behave more ethically.


  • Distinguish between actual truths and myths about business ethics, including the code of conduct supporting ethical behavior; the compliance program helping the organization become more ethical; whistleblowing tools reducing the risks of unethical behaviour, etc.
  • Explore tools for enabling better auditing these myths and mitigating related risks.
  • Discuss ideas to help their organization become more ethical.


Matej Drašček, Ph.D., is chief audit executive for a regional retail bank in Slovenia. In addition to having served as a teaching assistant and guest lecturer for several universities and faculties, he has published numerous professional and scientific international articles on internal audit, human resources, business ethics, and strategic management. Drašček has spoken at domestic and international conferences, presenting new tools and insights in internal audit, strategic management, and ethics. He won The IIA’s William S. Smith Award for the highest score in the CIA exam as well as The IIA’s John B. Thurston Award for the best article about business ethics.