CGIC Quebec Branch CPD Webinar – Climate Change: The Role of the Board

Milla Craig and Melissa Sonberg lead a CGIC Quebec Branch CPD session on Climate Change and The Role of the Board on Tuesday, April 20th.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at 1:00 pm ET
Guest Speakers: Milla Craig and Melissa Sonberg

Regulators are increasing their focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. The focus of this session will be on climate change, one element of ESG. Oversight of the issues arising from ESG requires that directors have a plan in place to deal with the risks relating to climate change. Each industry will face different risks and opportunities but, investors are demanding that various climate scenarios are assessed and subsequently, strategies put into place to deal with the anticipated consequences that might impact a company. Failing to disclose these risks and the mitigation plan can result in shareholder withdrawal, higher costs, or no access to capital. And for companies that are responding to the risks, a key consideration is how to transition from today to the future. The question becomes, do the Directors understand the costs to the organization of moving to a lower-carbon economy? The session will also cover new trends in corporate reporting including the Task Force for Climate-Related Disclosure (TCFD) framework as well as what boards can do to ensure they have accurate and high-quality information required for disclosure and meeting their fiduciary duties. Examples of how different companies are dealing with these disclosure requirements will be given.


Milla Craig is the Founder and President of Millani Inc., an independent advisory firm helping investors integrate ESG issues into their investment decisions, companies communicate their material ESG issues to investors, boards of directors understand their ESG responsibilities, and capital markets participants create their proprietary ESG strategies. She has worked closely with senior management and investor relations teams of Canadian publicly-listed companies, as well as financial analysts and investment managers of several Canadian pension and investment funds. Prior to founding Millani in 2008, Milla worked for more than 15 years in the institutional equity markets for major Canadian financial institutions such as RBC Dominion Securities and Scotia Capital, where she was consistently ranked as a top-tier salesperson. Later, as Deloitte’s Leader – Sustainability, for the Quebec Region, she was actively involved in the development of sustainability strategy, materiality assessments, management, stakeholder engagement, and reporting for a variety of Canadian organizations.
She is a board member of the Responsible Investment Association of Canada (RIA) and sits on its Nomination Committee.

M Sonberg

Melissa Sonberg has enjoyed over three decades of international leadership success across a broad range of corporate, not-for-profit, and academic environments. A seasoned C-suite executive, passionate about transformation and change management, Melissa’s focus is now on creating positive, and profitable, impact through Board appointments and select business advisory engagements while engaging directly in the education of our next generation of leaders. She currently sits as a Director on four Boards.