Canada Division Celebrates 2024 Award Recipients

The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (CGIC) celebrated its 2024 award winners on June 26, 2024, in conjunction with their AGM.

Dora Koop, FCG (Quebec) received the Outstanding Branch Member Award in recognition of her contributions within the Quebec Branch which have been significant and noteworthy.

Dora Koop is recognized for her exceptional contributions to our organization’s professional development initiatives, recruitment efforts, and education programs. Dora has played a pivotal role in recruiting subject matter experts to deliver professional development sessions, has given her time to interview Mature Entry Candidates, and has contributed significantly to enriching our education programs. Dora has demonstrated outstanding dedication, leadership, and innovation in her contribution to our organization. Her passion for advancing our mission and her commitment to excellence makes her an exemplary recipient of this award.

Nneka Ikwueze, ACG (Ontario) received the Rising Star Award in recognition of significant career potential within the first five years of achieving Associate Chartered Status.

Nneka Ikwueze is positioned for success as a chartered governance professional. As an ESG enthusiast, she completed coursework on the impact of corporate governance on organizational performance. She also authored a paper on corporate accountability for multinational enterprises (MNEs) and the need for legislation that holds Canadian MNEs accountable for environmental damages emanating from their operations abroad. Nneka received an award from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators for graduating as the overall best candidate in 2015. She was selected by Osgoode Professional Development – York University Canada as the F2023 recipient of the OsgoodePD Award of Excellence in recognition of her outstanding achievements as an international counsel. Nneka works as Legal Assistant at St. Mary’s Cement Canada (SMC) where she supports the business teams in developing eco-efficient processes and ethical practices that respect the current and future needs of the environment, the society, and the communities where SMC operates.

Additionally, 8 individuals were presented with a 25-year long-standing member awards recognizing 25 years of Chartered membership. Recipients include:

Tin Bon Lee, ACG (Ontario)

Amanda Leung, ACG (Ontario)

Daniel Bordage, FCG (Bermuda)

Malcolm Mitchell, FCG (Bermuda)

Cynthia Wright, FCG (Bermuda)

Diana Brooks, ACG (Barbados)

Lisa Niles, ACG (Barbados)

Cheri-Ann Sealy Catwell, ACG (Barbados)

CGIC extends our congratulations to all of our 2024 award recipients!