Daniel Shepherdson, B.Math., CPA, CMA, CIA, FCG (CS and CGP), CRMA, CFC, P.Adm., Partners, Directors, and Officers Certification, Pro.Dir., Acc.Dir.

Daniel Shepherdson brings over 40 years of financial and corporate experience gained from various entrepreneurial ventures and a wide array of industry sectors. He completed his Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, and he holds multiple complementary professional accreditations, through a number of domestic and international associations.

Dan is also a Chartered Governance Professional, a Professional Director, and an Accredited Director. Dan has also attained the Partners, Directors, and Officers certification, as required by the Ontario Securities Commission for public company officers and directors. Dan’s career has included extensive experience in the areas of public accounting, internal audit, corporate management, entrepreneurial ventures, and academia, and for over 35 years, he held the position of Managing Director and Professional Counsel in a successful private financial practice, specializing in C-Suite contracts, financial reporting, taxation, systems development, and general business, legal, and corporate consulting.

Dan has been an active entrepreneur, and has held many senior executive appointments, including Director of Internal Audit, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer, for both private, and publicly listed companies. His current business interests include corporate consulting, mining exploration, and innovative IT platform development, and he is and has been active on various Boards of Directors for not-for-profits, professional associations, and profit sector organizations.