Our Corporate Governance

CGIC Committed to Corporate Governance Practices of the Highest Standards

There are three elements to our governance structure:

The Committee for Canada (CFC)

The CFC is the Divisional Committee responsible for the oversight of the Canadian Division. It was created in pursuit of a Delegation Agreement with International Council.

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The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (CGIC)

A not-for-profit corporation serving as the operating company for the CFC, independent of the management company employed by The Division. 

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Association Management Company (AMC)

The Canadian division has used a management company since the early 1990's. Treeline Associates, Inc. assumed management of the Division in February 2020.

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Our Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct

The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada’s (CGIC) Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct comprises four core principles to which all Fellows, Associates, Affiliated Members, Graduates, Candidates (students), and Subscribers (Acc.Dir., P.Adm.) registered with the CGIC Division of the Institute must adhere.

  1. Integrity
  2. High standard of service/professional competence
  3. Transparency
  4. Professional behaviour
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Our Charter & Bylaws

CGIC is governed by several different rules and regulations.

Bylaws of The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada

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Adopted November 2020

Charter & Byelaws of The Chartered Governance Institute

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Adopted April 2023

Rules for The Committee For Canada 

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Adopted April 2020

Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act

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