CGIC Call for Assessment Review Panel (ARP) Members

The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) of Canada is looking for individuals who are interested in serving on the Assessment Review Panel (ARP) to support the delivery of CGIC’s International Qualifying Program (IQP).  This Panel will oversee the examination process to ensure it meets or exceeds the standards set by the International Professional Standards Committee. This would involve ensuring exams are … Read More

Canada Division Celebrates 2024 Award Recipients

The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (CGIC) celebrated its 2024 award winners on June 26, 2024, in conjunction with their AGM. Dora Koop, FCG (Quebec) received the Outstanding Branch Member Award in recognition of her contributions within the Quebec Branch which have been significant and noteworthy. Dora Koop is recognized for her exceptional contributions to our organization’s professional development initiatives, … Read More

CGIC Announces 2024-2025 Board of Directors

The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada, The Institute representing leaders in the practice of good governance, announces the appointment of its 2024-2025 Board of Directors. These positions took effect as of June 26, 2024. Kim Chua Retains Role of President; Suzanne Barrett joins the Executive Committee. The full slate of Officers for 2024-2025 includes: Departing from the Executive Committee as … Read More


TAKE NOTICE that the Annual General Meeting of The Chartered Governance Institute of British Columbia (the “Institute”) will be held in person at the Atrium, BCIT Downtown Campus at 555 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC V6B 3H6, and also virtually via Zoom video conference (link), on Saturday 8 June, 2024 at 12:00 noon PDT. Please e-mail confirmation of your attendance at … Read More

2024 CGIC AGM Notice

We are pleased to inform you that the Annual General Meeting of The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (the “Corporation”) will be held via zoom video conference on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 6:00 pm ET. In addition to the appointment of members of the CFC and the election of directors of the Corporation, a report will be given on … Read More

CGIC Sponsored Webinar – What is the State of Purpose Governance in Canada?

Corporate governance continues to evolve driven by high-performing boards, new standards, and evolving stakeholder expectations. One area undergoing transformation is the board’s role in oversight of corporate purpose. To understand this emerging practice, five governance organizations collaborated with the Canadian Purpose Economy Project on a national survey to assess the State of Purpose Governance in Canada. We are pleased to invite you to this free … Read More

CGIC Webinar – Sustainability for Not-for-Profit Organization Boards: Is It What You Think?

The webinar will look at why Sustainability adoption through an Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) lens is becoming a strategic imperative for not-for-profit organization (NPO) boards. Canada is quickly moving forward with mandatory reporting requirements for publicly traded corporations. Will required reporting follow for NPOs? Should NPO boards get on board with sustainability? Leave this webinar with more clarity on where your next … Read More

Governance Training for Directors: Now Enrolling for June and September 2024

The DIRECTORS’ EDUCATION AND ACCREDITATION PROGRAM (DEAP) is a short, intensive, and effective way for you to gain valuable insight into a board director’s role and provides you with in-depth knowledge of key areas related to the role. Designed for busy people who want to enhance their competencies, DEAP offers knowledge in the areas of governance, financial reporting and disclosure, … Read More

CGIC Webinar – How to Bridge Corporate Strategy Execution Gaps Through Agile Project Management Governance Practices

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, organizations face numerous challenges in effectively executing their corporate strategies. While strategies are carefully crafted in the boardroom, the real test lies in their successful implementation. This is where agile project management governance practices come into play. Agile project management practices provides a dynamic and flexible approach that allows organizations to adapt to … Read More

CGIC Webinar – Harnessing Emotional Intelligence to Elevate Boardroom Success

In the fast-paced and high-stakes environment of the boardroom, we may undervalue, dismiss, or not even be aware of one of the largest single predictors of our professional success – emotional intelligence (EI). This signature attribute plays an integral role in shaping the dynamics, communication and decision-making processes within the boardroom. In this one-hour interactive webinar, we: shatter myths about … Read More