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Empowering Aspiring Governance Professionals to Excel

There has never been a better time to be involved in governance and there is no better way to gain the right skills and credentials than by planning your professional development with The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (CGIC). Our trusted qualifications and training will build your knowledge, skills, and confidence and open the door to new career opportunities. Whether you are seeking to get to grips with governance or looking for a fast track to working as a board Director, we are here to help.

CGIC has two renowned education programs to support governance professionals at all stages of their career. 


International Qualifying Program

Internationally recognized certification for Chartered Secretaries and Chartered Governance Professionals.


Directors' Education and Accreditation Program

Designation recognizing enhanced competencies in governance, finance, and strategy and risk management.

International Qualifying Program

Chartered status is the benchmark for excellence amongst corporate secretaries and governance professionals. It shows that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to take on a job with significant and wide-ranging responsibilities. To attain Chartered status, you must complete the International Qualifying Program, gain the necessary practical experience, and uphold upstanding character throughout your career.  

The International Qualifying Program (IQP) is a broad-based professional qualifying program that covers the areas of corporate governance, company compliance & administration, company law, finance, strategy, risk management, and boardroom dynamics.  Successfully completing the IQP opens the door to versatile and challenging career opportunities as a trained governance professional in more than 80 countries globally. 


Directors' Education and Accreditation Program

Designed for busy people who want to enhance their competencies, the Directors' Education and Accreditation Program (DEAP) offers knowledge in the areas of governance, financial reporting and disclosure, strategy development, and risk management that current board Directors, or those considering becoming board Directors, need to know.  

DEAP is a short, intensive, and effective way for you to have a good insight into the role of a board Director and provide you with knowledge of key areas related to that role. The program provides the tools to help you manage your responsibility to your organization, its stakeholders, and yourself in the best possible way.  Upon successful completion, as an Accredited Director (Acc.Dir.), you will be equipped to meet the demands facing today’s board Directors.


Continuing Professional Development

Undertaking professional development allows you to keep your knowledge and business skills up to date, develop your personal skills, support professional growth, and may further your career.  All members of CGIC are encouraged to partake in ongoing professional development.

All Associates and Fellows of the Institute, except those who have retired, have annual mandatory professional development requirements as governed by our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policy to ensure ongoing professional development and growth.  Mandatory CPD is a commitment to the public to ensure Chartered members abide by the highest standards in the profession.

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