Membership was now almost 1,000 Members and Associates, with 300 in Quebec, 400 in Ontario, 150 in B. C., and from 10 to 30 in other provinces. As admission under the open door policy of By-Law 10 was to cease by 1962, the Division then sought to strengthen its fee-earning capacity by enlisting corporate secretaries and other executives to affiliate with the Division.



After some debate in the Institute’s Council, permission to enroll Affiliates was granted provided that they would not be treated as nor confused with Members. Revenue from Affiliates’ fees helped the Division to hold conferences and seminars and to obtain some assistance from colleges to run courses on subjects suitable for students. English examinations were “translated” into Canadian context, subject to approval, subject by subject, in the UK. Later, the Division was authorized to set Canadian accounting, law, and secretarial practice papers.