CGIC National CPD Webinar – Good Governance: a critical factor to achieve sustainability – the use of feedback processes to identify opportunities and manage risks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at 2:00 pm ET
Guest Speaker: Chafika Eddine, MA, LLB


Good governance is a critical factor to achieve sustainability. It is a desired condition that is challenging to be accomplished consistently. It encompasses informed and organized participation within a fair framework (rule of law). The aim is to provide accessible information (transparency) in a clear and reasonable timeframe (responsiveness). The expectation is that good governance will lead to a mediation of different interests towards a broad and long-term perspective that finally results in sustainable development (consensus).

Doing the right thing and doing things right are also premises of meeting the needs of society as a way to protect (being effective) and make the best use of resources (being efficient). Being inclusive allows the most vulnerable people to have a voice and ensure they are offered opportunities to fully participate. Accountability (accepting responsibility) is a key condition for good governance and can only exist if there is transparency and the rule of law (United Nations, 2016).

The implementation of a feedback mechanism can provoke a shift in the company’s approach with its external stakeholders. It can help an organization to transition from a defensive to an engaging position where shared accountability takes place. By identifying gaps and needs throughout concerns and complaints raised, a company is capable of minimizing risks before they elevated to conflicts.

Through case studies developed for her master’s degree in Community Development and based on her extensive experience with mining and communities, the author will explore the different aspects of good governance and the impacts of feedback systems.


Chafika holds a master’s degree in Community Development (UVic), a Bachelor of Laws (Brazilian Bar), and a Project Management Professional certification (PMI). She has worked and lived in South, Central, North America, and Europe, her experience includes over 80 field trips to several countries managing multi-site projects, from pre-acquisition (due diligence) to closure, influencing and implementing strategies, standards, and policies for regulatory compliance and good governance with a focus on sustainability best practices and risk mitigation. She has Board experience, is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and has extensive experience in the mineral exploration industry.




Feb 09 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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