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Leaders In the Practice of Good Governance

Subscriber membership is for aspiring governance practitioners looking to expand their knowledge. Individuals should have an interest in good governance and meet the requirements to serve as a board director in Canada.

Subscriber Membership Criteria


Candidates come from many backgrounds, but all have a common interest in either improving their performance as a director or preparing themselves to serve as a Director of public, private not-for-profit or government organizations.

Subscriber Membership Criteria


Affiliate members complete the Director's Education and Accreditation Program (DEAP). DEAP is a short, intensive, and effective way for you to have a good insight into the role of a board Director and provide you with knowledge of key areas related to that role. The program provides the tools to help you manage your responsibility to your organization, its stakeholders, and yourself in the best possible way.

Graduates of the DEAP program are granted the Accredited Directors designation and are entitled to use the post-nominal Acc. Dir.

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