CGIC Announces 2023-2024 Board of Directors

The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada, The Institute representing leaders in the practice of good governance, announces the appointment of its 2023-2024 Board of Directors. These positions took effect as of June 20, 2023.

Kim Chua Assumes Role of President; William Holmes and Shauna Mason join the Executive Committee.

The full slate of Officers for 2023-24 includes:

  • President, Member at Large – Kim S. Chua, FCG, P.Adm., Acc.Dir.
  • Vice President, ON Rep – Robin Dunn, FCG, Acc.Dir.
  • Vice President, Member at Large – Christina Swan, FCG, Acc.Dir
  • Treasurer, BC Rep – William Holmes, FCG, Acc.Dir
  • Secretary, AB Rep – Shauna Mason, FCG, Acc.Dir

Departing from the Executive Committee as of June 20, 2023, are Ingrid Stefancic (President) and Jean W Jeannot (Treasurer). CGIC would like to thank Ingrid and Jean for their hard work and dedication in their executive roles over the past two years.

Daniel Shepherdson, Christina Swan, and Wisdom Ncube were re-elected to the 2023-24 Board of Directors. Directors serve three-year terms, in this case, commencing June 20, 2023, until the close of the 2026 AGM or until such earlier time as their successors shall have been duly appointed.

The slate of Directors for 2023-24 includes:

  • Director, BC Rep – Christine Carter, FCG, Acc.Dir.
  • Director, QC Rep – Jean W. Jeannot, FCG, P.Adm.
  • Director, ON Rep – Suzanne Barrett, FCG, P.Adm., Acc.Dir.
  • Director, ON Rep – Daniel Shepherdson, FCG, P.Adm., Acc.Dir.
  • Director, Member at Large – Wisdom Ncube, FCG, Acc.Dir.
  • Director, Member at Large – Ingrid Stefancic, FCG, Acc.Dir.

It should be noted that there remains one vacancy for a Branch Representative from Bermuda.