CGIC Webinar – Ethical Dilemmas in Times of Turbulence


In times of turbulence ethical dilemmas are heightened. While the immediate impulse may be to prioritize safety and stability, the question arises: at what cost? Measures such as surveillance for public safety can conflict with privacy rights, and limited resources can force agonizing decisions about who receives care. Leaders may face the dilemma of transparency versus the potential for public panic. Additionally, individuals must navigate personal ethics around compliance, resistance, or civil disobedience. Navigating ethical dilemmas in such times calls for a delicate balance between communal interests and individual liberties, often requiring nuanced and context-sensitive solutions.


Topic: Ethical Dilemmas in Times of Turbulence.

Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023, BC: 10:00 am PT; AB: 11:00 am MT; ON/QC 1:00 pm ET; Bermuda 2:00 pm AT



Marc Tassé

Marc Y. Tassé

An award-winning lecturer at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law and at the Telfer Executive MBA program, Mr. Tassé has also delivered lectures on corporate ethics and financial crimes, at some of the world’s premier universities such as McGill University and Harvard University.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Tassé has taught over 8,500 university law and business students, and also trained over 40,000 legal and business professionals across Canada and internationally. In addition, he has researched and developed numerous accredited professional development programs for legal and business professionals, as well as developed new courses for Law and MBA students.

Mr. Tassé examines domestic and transnational economic and financial crimes from different angles, and explores what motivates people to break the law, how wrongdoers cover their tracks, what can be done to put a stop to the looting, and the importance of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Machine Learning for fraud/corruption prevention and detection.

As a thought leader in the field of anti-corruption, Mr. Tassé was selected as a knowledge partner for the 2020 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum, to present a research paper on “Re-imagining Corporate Punishment on a Multilateral Scale”.

He has since been selected to present further research on the topic of tackling corruption via Supranational mechanisms at an Anti-Corruption Symposium, to be hosted by the World Bank Office of Suspension and Debarment, the OECD, and the American Society of International Law in April 2022.

Mr. Tassé was also selected in 2020 to participate in the academic roundtable discussions organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), to provide advice to the G20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial Working Group.

Mr. Tassé’s current research focuses on the actual and potential effects of allegations of corruption and improper financial reporting on publicly‐traded company’s market capitalization.

Other areas of interest for Mr. Tassé are the trends in class action litigation in the context of white collar and corporate crime, as well as the reputational risks faced by national and international corporations and their directors.

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