Chartered Membership

Chartered Status is the Benchmark for Excellence

Chartered status is the benchmark for excellence amongst corporate secretaries and governance professionals. It shows that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to take on a job with significant and wide-ranging responsibilities. To attain Chartered status, you must complete the International Qualifying Program, gain the necessary practical experience, and uphold upstanding character throughout your career.

The Chartered Governance Professional qualification is internationally recognized, provides you with a professional governance and compliance perspective, and enables you to work in leadership positions in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors or establish your own business offering professional services and independent advice.

There are several stages to the Chartered path to certification.  Continuous membership should be maintained throughout the journey - Candidates and Affiliates while they participate in the program; Graduates while working towards the experience required for Chartered membership; and Associates and Fellows in order to maintain their Chartered status. 

Chartered Membership Criteria


You should hold a degree or professional qualification recognized by The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada (CGIC). If you are a graduate from a college program, in a related discipline, from a post-secondary institution recognized by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and/or approved by CGIC, you may also qualify for admission.

You must complete the qualifying scheme. Subject exemptions are available and the specific subjects required will depend on our assessment of your previous studies.

It takes, on average, two to six years for a Candidate to graduate from the International Qualifying Program (IQP), depending on any exemptions that may be available to them. Continuous membership is required at the following levels for those enrolled in the program:

Candidate Member
Those studying the IQP.

Affiliate Member
Those who have achieved all four of the IQP Level One modules.

Graduate Member
Those who have completed the full IQP program and are working towards the experience required for Chartered membership. Graduates are entitled to use the post-nominal CG (or GradICSA).

Chartered Membership Criteria


Graduates with the requisite relevant experience can apply for Chartered status.  There are two levels of chartered membership: 

Associate Member

Upon successfully completing the qualifying program, gaining the necessary practical experience, and upholding upstanding character throughout their career, graduates are admitted as members at Associate level, attain Chartered status, and are entitled to use the post-nominal ACG (or ACIS). Election as Associate requires at least six (6) years of relevant experience, which can be reduced to three (3) years if you hold a relevant degree.

Fellow Member

Admission as a Fellow, the highest level of membership, is granted on more extensive practical experience. A Fellow member may include the prestigious FCG (or FCIS) designation after their title. Fellowship election requires a minimum of eight (8) years experience, including at least three (3) years in a position of appropriate responsibility (CGIC assessed).

Transfer of Chartered Membership

New to Canada? Members who are on any of the Institute's registers and who are new to Canada are welcome to transfer their membership. The Institute does not permit its members to hold membership on more than one register.

Individuals seeking to transfer their membership to the Canadian Division are advised to request from their existing Division to provide the necessary information to affect such a transfer to the National Office once you are residing in Canada.

While no further examinations are necessary, in order to understand the Canadian systems, you may find it useful to review our study guides in Corporate Secretaryship, Corporate Law, and Corporate Governance. Contact CGIC's Education Team for links to these resources.

Leaving Canada? If you are leaving Canada, your membership may be transferred to an appropriate Division of the the Institute in which case you would have to resign your Canadian Division membership. On your instructions, the National Office would be happy to provide the necessary details to the Division to which you are transferring.  If you choose to leave your registration in Canada, then your membership will remain administered by CGIC.

Questions about transferring your Chartered membership? Contact the National Office today.

Considering Chartered Membership?