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Our Members Uphold the Highest Standards of Governance Practice 

The Chartered Governance Institute of Canada offers multiple membership categories matched to our educational programs.

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Membership Applications

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Application for Chartered Status

Meet both the education and experience criteria for Chartered Membership?

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Associate Designation
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Fellowship Designation

Application for Reinstatement of Membership

Has your membership been inactive for more than two years? Were you previously removed from the membership roster? 

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Application for Fee Reduction

Did you know that discounted membership pricing is available for individuals not engaged in the workforce and those experiencing financial hardships?

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Annual Membership DUES


Fellow: $450.00
Associate: $410.00
Graduate: $370.00
Affiliate: $325.00
Subscriber: $290.00
Candidate: $225.00


Application for Chartered status: $100.00
Application for Reinstatement of Chartered status: $100.00
Application for fee reduction: no charge


Late fee: $50.00

Please Note:
Pricing may change without notice.
Pricing subject to applicable taxes..
Membership fees are non-refundable.

Terms AND Conditions

Membership fees cover the calendar year (January to December) and expire December 31 annually.  

Renewal notifications are sent by the National Office in December/January with a payment due date of February 28. Members are encouraged to renew by the payment due date to avoid a disruption of benefits. Memberships not renewed by the due date may be subject to late fees.

Continuous membership must be maintained to use the CGIC designations.  Members with outstanding balances are subject to be withdrawn from the membership roster as of July 1 annually.  Those who have let their membership lapse may be subject to a reinstatement process and extra fees.

Membership Policies

CGIC is guided internally by a number of policies when dealing with its members. Members are encouraged to review these policies annually.

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How do I renew my membership?

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