Directors' Education and Accreditation Program

Training Leaders In the Practice of Good Governance

As a Director, you have a duty towards your organization, but also to shareholders or members, staff, suppliers, and your fellow Board members. You need to balance often-conflicting needs and points of view and work within an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment.

The Directors' Education and Accreditation Program is a short, intensive, and effective way for you to have a good insight into the role of a board Director and provide you with knowledge of key areas related to that role. The program provides the tools to help you manage your responsibility to your organization, its stakeholders, and yourself in the best possible way.  Upon successful completion, you will be equipped to meet the demands facing today’s board Directors.

“We offered the DEAP session not just to our directors, but also to members of management who present at subsidiary board meetings. This allowed management to truly understand what information is important to boards. It was a very worthwhile exercise and I saw immediate results at subsequent board meetings.“ 

- J. Shulist, Corporate Director, Compliance and Corporate Secretary - Kruger Inc.

About the Directors’ Education and Accreditation Program

Designed for busy people who want to enhance their competencies, the Directors' Education and Accreditation Program (DEAP) offers knowledge in the areas of governance, financial reporting and disclosure, strategy development, and risk management that current board Directors, or those considering becoming board Directors, need to know.

The DEAP program covers three subject areas - each comprising of a full-day learning workshop consisting of presentations, discussions, case studies, and an assessment (completed in class).  For each subject area, participants are provided with a study guide for review and some preparation in advance of workshop date.

for Directors

Understand why governance is a discipline that needs to operate to standards and the reliance which stakeholders place on the Board of Directors.

This module will introduce you to the general governance standards and principles of current-day corporate governance.

for Directors

The directors of any entity must be concerned with the well being of the entity they are entrusted to oversee. Directors must be independent and objective in fulfilling their fiduciary duties.

This module will focus on the basics of accounting, financial reporting, and internal control.

Strategy and Risk Management

Boards have a key role to play in strategy and risk management. However, it is not always clear what that role should be.

This module will cover the fundamentals of strategy development and risk management amongst a Board of Directors.

Online and in-person sessions are held throughout the year.  Each session is three days in duration with each day's workshop dedicated to one subject area.  You can choose to sign-up for workshops on consecutive days, or you can spread your learning out over multiple weeks or months to suit your schedule. Note that workshops start times vary from session to session to accommodate students from different time zones. 

For more information about the DEAP program, please contact CGIC's Director of Education.

Online and in-person DEAP workshops are held multiple times per year. 


Your Investment

Time: The program requires the completion of three full-day workshops.  Depending on your background, you should also plan on spending up to 40 hours with pre-reading study guides in advance of the workshop dates to familiarize yourself with the subject matter.

Cost: Costs vary depending on delivery method.  Current pricing is shown below.

Other Considerations: Please note:

  • Study materials are included in the program fees.
  • Study materials, workshops, and examinations are all in English.
  • Special accommodations are available to those in need.
  • Breakfast and lunch are provided each day for in-person sessions.
  • Certification is maintained through continuous annual membership.

Considering DEAP as a professional development opportunity for your entire board? Contact us today to discuss catering the DEAP program to your group's specific requirements.

DEAP Registration fees


Early-bird: $3,750.00
Regular rate: $4,000.00


Early-bird: $3,000.00
Regular rate: $3,250.00


Group rates are available.

Please Note:
Annual membership fees are also required.
Pricing may change without notice.
Pricing subject to applicable taxes.

Introducing the DEAP Facilitators

Experts in the areas of governance, financial reporting and disclosure, strategy development, and risk management, our facilitators are committed to the practice pf good governance and are excited to share their professional knowledge with students in the DEAP program.

Interested in being a DEAP facilitator? Please contact CGIC's Director of Education.                                                              

Considering DEAP as a professional development opportunity for your entire board? The DEAP program can be catered to your group's specific requirements.