CGIC British Columbia Branch CPD Webinar – Identifying and addressing the Insider Threat

Join the CGIC British Columbia Branch on Tuesday, November 9 at 1 pm ET for a CPD Webinar on Identifying and addressing the Insider Threat with Dr. Mark Lokanan and Mr. Bill Danielsen.

Dr. Lokanan and Mr. Danielsen will discuss what insider threats are in organizations and look at how the psychological factors of Machiavellianism, psychopathology, and narcissism have roles in determining threat risk.  This will lead to a review of how social bonds and life-course theory may act as mitigation against this threat behaviour.  Finally, they will present on their intent to use Artificial Intelligence to predict insider threats so that organizations can be protected.


Identifying and addressing the Insider Threat – Tuesday, November 9, 2021 | 60-minute zoom webinar
BC: 10:00 am PT; AB: 11:00 am MT; ON/QC 1:00 pm ET; Bermuda 2:00 pm AT

Speakers: Dr. Mark Lokanan and Mr. Bill Danielsen


Mark Lokanan

Dr. Mark Lokanan

Dr. Mark Lokanan is a data scientist and machine learning expert. He employs machine learning techniques to build regression, classification, and clustering algorithms to detect fraud, conduct fraud examination, identify suspicious money laundering transactions, predict real estate prices, loan defaults, and turnover rates in companies. He is a highly trained and skilled financial crime expert with expertise in financial forensics and anti-money laundering compliance. Lokanan is one of the few scholars and practitioners in Canada with the requisite education, experience, and expertise in financial criminology, law, accounting, and finance that qualify him as an expert in financial crime investigations. Visit Mark’s website.

Mr. Bill Danielsen

Mr. Bill Danielsen is the Executive Director of Enterprise Identity Services with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).  With ESDC responsible for the disbursement of more than $160 billion, 5% of Canada’s GDP – Bill’s role leading the integrity of digital identities of clients doing business with the department, he is constantly concerned with the impact of insider threat activity.  He has taken this passion to his studies where he is a current doctoral student at Royal Roads University, pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration.

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