John Dinner, FCG

For more than 16 years, John T. Dinner Board Governance Services has been helping clients across sectors and across Canada achieve their organizational objectives through excellence in board governance. Board members and organizational leaders value John’s insights, practical approach, and ability to facilitate needed governance change or transformation.

In addition to helping boards improve their governance structures and processes, he is keenly adept at fostering trust and confidence in the sharing of power and authority between boards and those to whom they give oversight. John knows and understands the needs of directors first-hand. He is:

  • a founding member of The Directors College faculty (McMaster University);
  • a regular conference presenter and workshop leader;
  • a recipient of the National Award in Governance;
  • a contributor to the Joint Committee on Corporate Governance; and,
  • a widely published author and media spokesperson on board topics.

John also brings relevant knowledge and expert presentation and facilitation skills to board consulting, training and development.